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Neo e-Watch:A full service Website Design & SEO company

Neo e-Watch Media is a Bangalore based full service Software, Website design & Web development company. Apart from Web design & Web Application development Neo e-Watch Media also provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO),Print & Graphics Design, Media & PR Consultancy and Event Management Services under the brand name Neo Events.

Since 2005 Neo e-Watch Media is engaged in building cutting-age web applications using using HTML, PHP, MySQL, Flash, CSS and Web 2.0 layouts to build cost effective websites for individuals and businesses.We make navigable, user friendly and SEO friendly websites to draw the target audience and keep them glued to your web pages.

Basic tenets of web page design

Simple but attractive design and content
Central layout
Easy navigation
Bold text for better readability
Creation of dynamic pages and user created content
Free flow of mutual information
We make your webpage as an interactive and participatory platform. We design your website in lieu with web standards, particularly CSS and XHTML to offer you more dynamic content and successful participation of the end users.
Neo e-Watch Media
Bangalore India
Phone: 9844740127

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