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10 How Does Google Read My Website

10 How does Google read my website video lesson looks at the process of Googlebot crawling a web site. Created (Google SEO consultant).

Google’s technology of web crawling, indexing and even keyword ranking is all done automatically by using computer programs called algorithms. Google does not give special preference to any particular website and the amount of data Google “efficiently” crawls and indexes is huge. You can find out how Google actually works by visiting these two links below:

Google’s crawling and indexing starts by requesting your web page (URI) it sends an HTTP request from the list of links in its to be fetched next file, Googlebot (Google’s web crawler (user-agent) continuously does this, and the timing of this crawl process is also managed automatically (aka crawl rate).

When it first requests your URI is looks for the file called robots.txt file and reads this file to see if there are any special rules such as “if it is disallowed” to crawl certain parts of your website. If this file is present and there are user-agent directives within it, then Googlebot obeys the rules and thus only accesses certain part your website as specified by you (within your robots.txt file).
To learn more about robots.txt file visit:

Furthermore: Google Webmaster Guidelines also suggests to include the full path to your XML sitemap so that its crawling process can be more efficient because your website may have included new landing pages, without knowing about the location to your XML sitemap Googlebot has to work harder (by following links) to find it (if there is one specified) but if you include the location of your XML sitemap then basically you are making Google’s job easy when it tried to access your domain.

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This video lessons details these exact steps so that you can take steps to ensure that Google can access and also crawl your domain more efficiently. Because as a search engine optimizer your job is to make sure that Google can access and find your landing pages so that it can determine what is within it, and eventually rank your keywords in the first page of its organic search results.

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